Once again, apologies for the delay.

Life seems to be conspiring against me.

I had a root canal on Monday! What fun! And they threw in a wisdom tooth extraction as a bonus. What fun.

So I’ve been in a considerable amount of pain for the last few days, which has affected my ability to focus. However, I am recovering, and […]

Docket #15-004: Theocracies, Big and Small!

This episode:

Indiana passes it’s own Religious Freedom Restoration Act, with a surprise double twist ending! Congress is poised to scuttle the deal struck between Iran, the United States, Europe, Russia… pretty much everybody. ‘Cause that’s just how they roll. The shooting death of Walter Scott

A clip in this episode is from Episode 219 […]

Docket #15-003 Coming Soon!

The latest episode has been recorded as is being edited now. It will be posted as soon as it’s all pieced together.