Docket #16-007: Orangefinger!

Orangefinger doesn’t want this image distributed.

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Can a republican president be held accountable for anything at all under a republican-controlled House and Senate? What can our new Dear Leader’s potential Supreme Court picks mean for the next thirty years of Supreme Court decisions? Colombia nears a deal to end […]

Docket #16-006: Corporations are people, too–terrible, terrible people.

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Your trip to the grocery store is, in all likelihood, helping fund human rights abuses around the world; Nebraska’s Supreme Court rules that a convicted child molester can live with three teenage girls, because he promised never to do it again. Pinky swear; and My own personal boycott against Chipotle […]

Docket #16-005: Predatory Pokémen

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All you scholarly types will get to keep using google to search old books; A Missouri lawmaker fight to keep birth control away from his women— just HIS women, mind you; A couple hateful bigots find out other people have rights, too; and Starbucks has to deal with some of […]