Docket 14-004-b: Gay Marriage, No-Fly List, Cell Phone Searches, and More

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the legal world. Even after splitting this episode into two parts so that I could address Hobby Lobby in-depth, I’ve still got a pile of news stories to get to, including:

  • An update on the battle over marriage equality;
  • Some ridiculous lawsuits filed by former law students;
  • A declaration by a federal court that the No-Fly List may be unconstitutional in its current form;
  • The Supreme Court strengthens a person’s privacy when it comes to their cell phones, even as they undermine that privacy where contraception is concerned; and
  • Finally, British Airways faces a lawsuit after the airline confuses Spain with the Caribbean and ruins a couple’s vacation.

I’m Oliver and that’s all coming up in this, the conclusion to the fourth episode of All Too Common Law.