Docket 14-007: Ferguson, Finally

It’s been a while, and I had plenty of stories lined up, but not very many of them aged well. My bad. Still, there are new developments in the world of copyright law and I’m finally going to dig deep into the events in Ferguson.

  • Paul

    Hah I hear ya on the ubiquitous misunderstanding of what the freedom of speech actually means. Huge chunks of this country seem to think that it constitutes some kind of protective thought police that should prevent anyone from publicly disagreeing or changing their opinion based on something the degenerate says out loud.

    Like when the fans of the duck dynasty dude were in an uproar over Discocery Channel, a private company, firing the guy for reflecting so poorly on then while acting as a public face of the company. So many people on national television were straight-facedly asserting that the freedom of speech ought to prevent a private company from making hiring/firing decisions. Unbelievable.

    Or when Clipper owner David Stern (sp?) is publicly criticized when a recording of him is released where he makes comments identifying himself as a human degenerate–I can’t even tell you how many times I heard people say that no one should be criticizing him because of the freedom of speech. Frickin unreal…

    Glad you are back man. Congrats on the forthcoming job 🙂

  • Paul Vinet

    Pending the upcoming court decision on whether course syllabi and other informal scheduling announcements are actionable legal contracts–well you can be expecting to see me in court re your blatant disregard and neglect for your podcasterly duties the last few months.

    Glad to see you back 😉

    • Oliver_W_H

      Yeah, it took me a while and dealing with irritating technical stuff (and finding a co-host!) but I eventually made it back to what I enjoy doing.