Docket 14-008: Judges Behaving Badly

The news stories today are all about the judges. I think I’ll title this one Judges Behaving Badly.

  • In Tennessee and Louisiana, two judges let their freak flag fly by deciding against equal rights for gay and lesbian couples, despite every decision since the Supreme Court handed down Windsor last year coming down the other way;
  • In New Jersey, a municipal judge tries and convicts two defendants in less than hour without the help of lawyers of any kind;
  • In Washington, D.C., Justice Scalia shocks no one by saying something completely stupid; and
  • Finally, a Montana teacher is sentenced to 10 years for raping a 14-year-old girl, which is way better than the first time they sentenced him for it.
  • Paul

    Very much enjoyed the episode! I was very interested in the Barry hazel jr case back when it was in the news after the jury awarded him zero dollars. Hearing about how the the entire situation finally concluded (2 million dollar settlement) was sheer justice porn to my ears :)!

    I also enjoyed the new segment. Wow! What a stupid fucking show. The second clip…. Wow. As someone who has no legal expertise, even before hearing your feedback, I couln’t believe what I was hearing. Holy shit, the sharing of a brand new client’s confidential information in an ongoing case with a classroom of random fucking people? If I were watching this show as a casual viewer, just that scene alone would have my jaws on the floor. The vast majority of viewers with even a minuscule level of knowledge and common sense SURELY know how ridiculous that is, and should feel insulted to be taken for idiots by the show’s writers.

    I never thought i’d ever say that there was anything even remotely beneficial that resulted from the nation’s viewing of the Casey Anthony and OJ simpson murder trials on national TV. Each one turned into such a circus, and both were probably taken by the public to be representative examples of our legal system in action (even though they were extremely caricatured examples in actuality).

    But compared to what I heard in the second and third clips you played… I mean Christ, even if the only understanding of the legal system someone had came from TV coverage before, during, and after those two cases, he/she would STILL laugh at how fucking ridiculous so many elements of this “hardcore” law school professor/attorney equivalent term for a fucking quack. I can’t believe this could even be on television unless it were a SNL skit exaggerating how stupid tv law shows can be.

    But then again, “Ancient Aliens” is currently in it’s like 7th season, and seriously for the fucking life of me I can’t understand how even the most uneducated person out there could keep a straight face with the utter bullshit insanity offered by that show as serious content… Apparantly though somehow a ton of people eat that shit up on a weekly basis….(face palm) totally beyond me.

    All in all though, I love this kind of breakdown of certain types of tv shows. I love the old episodes of dumbass guide, and c-webb’s offshoot podcast paranormal skeptic academy does something similar with ghost hunters. I think if you enjoy making it, then it would be a great segment to plug-in during shows. But I still like the main segments the best, so don’t replace them entirely :).

    P.S. Congrats on passing the first if those bar exams man! I’m sure you pwned the second one too. And congrats on the job. I’m happy to hear (at least it sounds like) that things are finally starting to fall into place for you. Keep on fighting the good fight.