Docket #15-007: You Do Not F**k With the Recently-Dead

Coming up this episode:

  • I’m finally going to talk about the home more than a little of my own emotional turmoil, the City of Baltimore. It may not be dominating the news right now, but that story isn’t going anywhere anytime soon;
  • Nebraska’s state legislature has abolished capital punishment, even overriding a veto from Governor Ricketts, who has one of the more unfortunate names in American politics: Next year, Nebraska needs… Ricketts! 2016!; and
  • Last but not least, the NSA’s call data collection program is about to expire, because for once it’s a good thing that the Senate is a petrified pile of feces.

I’m Oliver, Amanda couldn’t make it today, and this is episode 15-7 of All Too Common Law.

  • Paul

    “Connections.” Linked in connections.

    • Oliver_W_H

      Of course! Connections. Still not sure what exactly LinkedIn is supposed to help people accomplish. Are people actually using it to foster new relationships, or does everyone just treat it as a way to catalog the people you already know from real life?