Docket #16-001: Happy Null Year!


I am not your attorney. I’m also not Donald Trump’s attorney which, thankfully, means I don’t have tell ridiculous lies like “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the most lawful individual ever elected to the presidency.” Oh and he’s never touched alcohol once ever. Riiiight.12-angry-men

Anyway, don’t take anything I might say as legal advice. Now on with the astonishingly excellent show.

Coming up in this episode, I was going to spend most of the episode talking about Donald Trump, but FUCK that guy. So this week:

  • Prosecutors in Oregon and Colorado are hopping mad and they’re… just going to have to take it;
  • A Russian lawsuit against Bethesda Softworks sends me into myown little post-apocalyptic wasteland; and
  • Governor Mike Pence’s posturing earns him a federal lawsuit from the ACLU.

I’m Geoffrey Blackwell, my physical strength and stamina are extraordinary, and this is episode 16-001 of All Too Common Law.