Docket #16-001: Happy Null Year!


I am not your attorney. I’m also not Donald Trump’s attorney which, thankfully, means I don’t have tell ridiculous lies like “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the most lawful individual ever elected to the presidency.” Oh and he’s never touched alcohol once ever. Riiiight.12-angry-men

Anyway, don’t take anything I might say as legal advice. Now on with the astonishingly excellent show.

Coming up in this episode, I was going to spend most of the episode talking about Donald Trump, but FUCK that guy. So this week:

  • Prosecutors in Oregon and Colorado are hopping mad and they’re… just going to have to take it;
  • A Russian lawsuit against Bethesda Softworks sends me into myown little post-apocalyptic wasteland; and
  • Governor Mike Pence’s posturing earns him a federal lawsuit from the ACLU.

I’m Geoffrey Blackwell, my physical strength and stamina are extraordinary, and this is episode 16-001 of All Too Common Law.

  • Paul

    Glad your back Oliver. Er Geoff.

    I felt the need to put my two cents in as far as the 1st story when I got to the point where you said something like “surely nobody would argue that driving while intoxicated on any drug can be as dangerous as driving drunk” — now granted, you said this in the form of a to-be-sure argument, but i must dispute this point.

    As someone who started smoking pot as a teenager, went through college with the philosophy of “try everything at least twice,” and after college struggled for many years with heroin, i can say I have a lot of experience with mind-altering substances. I can also say, unequivocally, that there is nothing that scares me more than someone behind the wheel who is drunk.

    If forced to choose between two rides home; 1st being a tweaker who just shot a speedball (heroin+coke), bc he forgot what he was already on from the smorgasbord of benzos he took earlier in the evening, who then decides to take a couple bong rips to help with the comedown , that guy VS the 2nd being a guy whose blowing say… a .15 BAC? Hands down EASY choice, the 1st ride is safer every day of the week..

    Literally the only drug out there I would even hesitate on that question vs someone drunk, would be someone on hardcore hallucinogens like acid or mushrooms. In that case driving could be scary bc one might swirve the car suddenly to avoid hitting shit that isn’t actually there. And even THEN, now that I’m thinking about it… I still don’t know. It would just be more of a coin flip.

    A lot of people who never tried recreational drugs don’t appreciate the fact that alcohol, BY FAR, is THE MOST inebriating substance known to man. There is NOTHING EVEN CLOSE. That alcohol is the one drug which is legal nationwide and socially acceptable to use, is the ultimate irony.

    **One last side note, the only other technical exception I would carve out to this rule would be mixing benzos and opioids, IF the driver is having a hard time staying awake as a result. Being asleep while driving would in fact be more dangerous than being drunk while driving. However, this is very specific to the scenario where an inebriated driver has taken so much that he/she literally falls asleep while driving.

    • I’ll have to take your word for most of that, and part of the point of the jury nullification that these prosecutors are encountering is that it would take considerably more weed to get someone as incapable of driving as someone who blows a .08, but that equivalence must exist somewhere along a the scale of “highness,” just as it must exist on the scale when it comes to ecstasy, mushrooms, etc. The equivalent levels may be vastly different, but then, that was sort of the point of the segment. We haven’t done the sufficient amount of research to arrive at even a rough equivalence. And, just like with booze, one person’s control of their faculties will I’m sure be vastly different than another’s.

      And yes, driving while asleep/unconscious is certainly the worst option.

    • Also, apologies for the delay in replying. For whatever reason, I never received a notification that a new comment had been posted. Hmm.