Docket #16-002: Black Friday in Missouri Just Got More Interesting

Warning! While I am an attorney, I am not your attorney. Please, don’t confuse the indefinite article for the second-person possessive pronoun. That’d just be embarrassing. But not as embarrassing as mistaking this podcast for legal advice.

Coming up in this episode:

  • Bill Prady and CBS get themselves into some hot water over a warm kitty;
  • PETA’s chest-thumping gets it nowhere;
  • Planned Parenthood starts to fight back; and
  • A Missouri lawmaker introduces a bill that would classify sex as a gift.

I’m Geoffrey Blackwell, I suddenly can’t wait for Black Friday, and you’re listening to Docket #16-002 of All Too Common Law.

Schwartz v. Cruz Complaint, a/k/a proof that birthers go both ways:

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