Docket #16-006: Corporations are people, too–terrible, terrible people.

chuao_003Coming up in this episode:

  • Your trip to the grocery store is, in all likelihood, helping fund human rights abuses around the world;
  • Nebraska’s Supreme Court rules that a convicted child molester can live with three teenage girls, because he promised never to do it again. Pinky swear; and
  • My own personal boycott against Chipotle gains even more legitimacy.

I’m Geoffrey Blackwell, I’m coming down from a pretty crazy couple of weeks, and this is Docket #16-006 of All Too Common Law.

Opening Statement

Eagle-eared listeners to the last episode probably caught my remark about behind-the-scenes stuff going on that I couldn’t talk about just yet. I can now tell you about one of the things that’s been going on. Beginning right about when this episode drops, I will be starting my new job as the staff attorney for American Atheists, Inc.

What does that mean for the podcast? Not a whole heck of a lot. There will be a few news stories here and there that I won’t be able to comment on because, well, I’ll be the lawyer involved in the case and that’s a no-no.

It also may—MAY mean a more regular release schedule here at ATCL headquarters.

On a personal level, I’ve fulfilled one of my dreams. Since before I even started law school, I wanted to be a civil rights attorney. I wanted to do what I could to change people’s lives for the better.

And now I get to be one. Specifically for the atheist community, which is amazing, and, by the transitive property of judicial precedent, I’m also going to be working for the benefit of all religious minorities. And I get to do it all from Washington. And I get my own office. Which will be new.

So in basically every way, this is a huge development and I cannot wait to get started.

But this podcast is not about me. It’s about the law, so give it a listen.