Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

This is NOT the host of ATCL.

About Geoff (formerly “Oliver”)

Why did I start a podcast? Well, throughout law school, I kept searching for one that presented legal issues in a way that was approachable and entertaining. I never found one, so I decided to start my own, so that others wouldn’t have to search in vain.

I originally decided to become a lawyer because I enjoyed campaign work, and law school seemed to be the default path to take in order to do behind-the-scenes political stuff professionally. But as law school approached, my interests shifted. Civil rights issues and international human rights grabbed my attention.

At various times before becoming a lawyer, I have toiled away in the legal department at a publishing company, worked for a nonprofit organization providing aid to victims of the genocide in Darfur, and was an intern for at a U.S. Attorneys Office.


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About ATCL

All Too Common Law is a roughly bi-weekly podcast that examines major items in the news with an eye toward the legal issues raised by the events on the ground. I also cover new developments in the law itself, particularly when those developments are important to secular humanists, atheists, or progressives.

If you’d like to weigh in on the issues that I discuss in an episode, correct me where I (inevitably) get something wrong, or suggest a news item or in-depth topic for a future episode, you can email me at oliver@alltoocommonlaw.com or send a tweet to @alltoocommonlaw.


The theme music for All Too Common Law is:

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It’s been edited (rather inartfully, I’ll admit) for timing.