Docket #16-008: Next year has to be better… right?

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The Supreme Court is set to decide how fair a fair trial needs to be; What Attorney General Jeff Sessions would mean for the legalization movement; It’s been a tough year for the International Criminal Court, so I sat down for a chat with Roger Clark, a Nobel Peace Prize nominee who […]

Docket #16-007: Orangefinger!

Orangefinger doesn’t want this image distributed.

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Can a republican president be held accountable for anything at all under a republican-controlled House and Senate? What can our new Dear Leader’s potential Supreme Court picks mean for the next thirty years of Supreme Court decisions? Colombia nears a deal to end […]

Docket #16-004: Lessons in Punting


I was really uncomfortable while recording this because I was sweating my balls off, so really I didn’t care what I said. Please don’t take any of this as legal advice.


These guys are the masters of dodging the question.

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• The Supreme Court gives up and […]